Assistive Interfaces for People with Visual Impairments

This project seeks to enhance equal access of visually impaired people to the mainstream technologies. We focus on understanding users and developing interfaces which are effective and usable for our users. The studies include motion gesture interfaces for various applications (e.g., mobile interactions), wearable vibration feedback and designing menu systems for visually impaired users.


Visual impairments, Assistive interfaces, Motion gestures, Haptic feedback.


1. An Exploratory Study of Marking Menu Selection by Visually Impaired Participants

2. Designing Mid-Air TV Gestures for Blind People Using User- and Choice-Based Elicitation Approach [DIS 2016]

3. Investigation of Suitable Body Parts for Wearable Vibration Feedback in Walking Navigation [IJHCS]

4. ShifTable: A Natural Remote Target Selection Technique on Large Displays [IwC 2015]

5. Suitable Body Parts for Vibration Feedback in Walking Navigation Systems [Chinese CHI 2015]

6. Assisting people with visual impairments in aiming at a target on a large wall-mounted display [IJHCS 2015]

7. Designing Motion Gesture Interfaces in Mobile Phones for Blind People [JCST 2014]

8. Assisting Visually Impaired People to Acquire Targets on a Large Wall-Mounted Display [JCST 2014]