CHEC 2017 Strawberry hunting

Posted on: 12 April 2017 By: HAN Zengyi


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

In Tuesday morning, CHEC members went to Strawberry hunting in Nishijima Garden. Even though it was raining, that didn't interfere people’s passion at all. Thanks to Prof Ren, Wang Zhenxin, and Kavous’s kindly help in driving members by car.

A staff in the garden showed us how to pick a strawberry easily ( not just violently pull, firstly reverse the strawberry, then pull it gently), and told us some matters need attention.



After a short tutorial and hand disinfection, we started our ”hunting” and competition for the “Big stomach King”. At the beginning, members got really confident to eat a lot of strawberry ( some of us even didn’t have their breakfast for this!), but after half of a hour, most of us have already surrender…

Jimmy had like 80 strawberries, beat us all and won the competition without suspense.