Prof. Koki Kyo, Prof. Shuxiang Guo, Prof. Chun Yu visited CHEC

Author: Chen Wang

Tuesday, Dec 14, 2018


Prof. Koki Kyo, Prof. Shuxiang Guo, Prof. Chun Yu visited CHEC, they conducted a disussion with the President of KUT Masahiko Isobe, the Vice President of KUT Akihiro Shimizu as well as IEEE President 2020 Toshio Fukuda. They also give lectures in the HCI class.

Prof. Koki Kyo comes from Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicinegave, he gave a talk entitled "ベイズ型統計モデリングの技法とその実践 (Methods of Bayesian statistical modeling and its practice)".



Prof. Shuxiang Guo comes from Kagawa University, he gave a talk entitled "医学用力フィードバック機能を持つカテーテル操作システムの開発 (Catheter Operating Systems with Force Feedback for Medical Applications)".



Prof. Chun Yu comes from Tsinghua University, he gave a talk entitled "Optimizing Mobile/Wearable Interaction Based on Bayesian Inference".


Nowadays, mobile/wearable devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, and head-mounted displays are establishing a ubiquitous interaction environment, where users can access information anywhere and anytime. However, there exist a number of challenging factors that inhibit efficient information exchange between users and computing devices, including the limited form factor of the device, motor and situational impairment, and inaccuracy of input data. My work combines the computational approach with interaction design to overcome these limits, targeting fundamental interactive tasks such as pointing, object/command selection and text entry. In this talk, I will elaborate on a Bayesian inference-based framework to interpret users’ input intention, and use my recent works as examples.