Prof. Shugen Ma visited CHEC and Dr. Aliaksei Miniukovich gave a seminar lecture

Author: Chen Wang

Tuesday, Jan 15, 2019


Prof. MA Shugen from Retsumeikan University visited CHEC and gave a lecture both on HCI class and CHEC. Dr. Aliaksei Miniukovich from the University of Trento continue his stay and gave a seminar lecture too.

Prof. MA Shugen gave a talk entitled " 環境適応ロボティクス (Environment-adaptive Robotics)".




1991年3月東京工業大学大学院理工学研究科修了、工学博士。同年(株)小松製作所研究本部勤務。茨城大学工学部講師、助教授、立命館大学COE推進機構教授を経て、2008年4月より立命館大学理工学部ロボティクス学科教授となり現在に至る。この間、1992年4月から1年間米国カリフォルニア大学客員研究員、2006年4月から5年間立命館大学國際部副部長、2012年度立命館大学理工学部機械システム学系長、2014年8月から9月までの間米国ジョンズ・ホプキンス大学(Johns Hopkins University)客員教授。現在、中国唐山市高新技術産業開発区管理委員会特聘専門家、JNTO MICEアンバサダーを兼任。環境適応ロボットの機構と制御、生物知能機械学、フィールドロボティクスなどの研究に従事。IEEE Fellow、日本機械学会フェロー、日本ロボット学会、計測自動制御学会などの会員。

Dr. Aliaksei Miniukovich gave a seminar lecture entitled "Readability Guidelines for the Web".


Browsing the Web heavily relies on reading, and web designers would want to carefully optimize their webpages to minimize the time and effort that the user spends on reading - this would increase both user efficiency and satisfaction. However, little reliable guidance exists for the designers to rely on while optimizing for effortless reading. This talk will introduce the listeners to a set of validated readability guidelines for the Web. Some guidelines require careful re-engineering of webpage content - such as rewriting texts and restructuring texts - while other require only a change in webpage styles, which is a relatively quick and effortless way to improve readability. Future design teaching practices and Web accessibility standards (such as, iterations of WCAG) may rely on the described guidelines.


Aliaksei Miniukovich is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Trento. In addition to working on his true passion - computational aesthetics - Aliaksei conducts research on the quality of graphical user interfaces and its impact on user preferences, feelings and behavior. Aliaksei research heavily relies on quantitative methods and computational models, with an occasional use of qualitative methods when needed. Aliaksei serves as an associate editor for the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies and frequently reviews submissions for a variety of HCI journals and conferences. Aliaksei recent work was recognized with 2 Best Paper Honorable Mention and an Excellent Reviewer Award at the CHI conferences.