The 34th CHEC/82th Renlab Workshop

Author: Yibin JIA

Tuesday, February 08, 2022


Keynote: Prof. Ruck Thawonmas and doctoral candidate Pujana Paliyawan

Abstract: Due to the new crown virus, this lecture will be held online. In this lecture, our workshop use sessions to divide 2 different talks.

Session Keynote and Game for Cognition Enhancement 1, Chair: Lancy:
10:00 - 10:05 Prof.Ren give us a opening speech,
10:05 - 10:55 Prof. Ruck Thawonmas and doctoral candidate Pujana Paliyawan talk about ‘Towards Entertaining Fighting-Game Gameplay by AI’,
10:55 - 11:35 Zhihang GUO ‘How cognitive exergame difficulty influence the effect of cognitive enhancement of the elderly’,
11:35 - 11:54 Takaaki KUBO ‘Differences in game experience between manual and dynamic difficulty adjustments in VR motion exercise games’,
12:55 - 13:08 Koki UCHIDA ‘System Design of A Cognitive Motion VR Game’,
13:08 - 13:27 Yibin JIA ‘Deliberate Practice in Games’,
13:27 - 13:46 Junlin SUN ‘A Self-control Training Game with HIIT Style Difficulty Adjustment’,
13:46 - 13:59 Natsuki KOYAMA ‘About games that can train self-control skills’,
13:59 - 14:18 Hongyun LYU ‘How game control device impact player engagement from the perspective of experience’.

Session Meditation and Design session, Chair: Junlin Sun:
14:23 - 14:42 Chunyuan LAN 'Binaural effect in Meditation',
14:42 - 14:55 Misato TORII ‘Binaural meditation experiment design’,
14:55 - 15:14 Xiaofei ZHU ‘A Soundscape Interaction System for Enhancing Mindfulness While Running’,
15:14 - 15:27 Kenshi ADACHI ‘Development and Usability Evaluation of a Progress Reporting System for Mobile Operation’,
15:27 - 16:07 Peng TAN ‘Designing Rhythm Regulation Applications for Supporting Creative Thinking Towards Human-Engaged Computing’,
16:07 - 16:20 Ryo KUMAMOTO ‘Running meditation application’,
16:20 - 16:33 Mahiro TUDA ‘serious game of creativity’,
16:33 - 16:38 Zhihang GUO give the closing speech.