Text Revision on Mobile Device

Project Leader

Yang Li, Ph.D. Student, Center for Human-Engaged Computing

Text accuracy in both spelling and context level is one of the basic requirements for ensuring communication quality and efficiency. For the current text input designs on mobile devices, the text revision process uses the paradigm and tools which are inherited from physical keyboard and mouse. Whereas, the performance of text revision (also known as "error correction") cannot reach the required performance due to the interaction size, the lack of feedback, fat finger problem, etc.

This project focuses on text revision behavior on mobile devices. Users' behavior (e.g., eye-hand coordination, attention sharing) will be investigated to clearly understand the influence of current revision patterns. Based on the findings, a set of new tools will be proposed for designers to rethink and to improve the process of text input and text revision.


Text input, mobile device, text revision, error correction, interaction design.