3-gaze estimation based on a one-camera-one-light source system

  • Posted on: 22 December 2016
  • By: Lan Chunyuan
Saturday, December 17, 2016
Associate professor Chi jiannan,University of Science and Technology Beijing, Beijing, China
His presentation is 3D eye gaze estimation based on a single camera and single light source system. In his report he will introduce some key techniques for achieving 3D LoS estimation including system calibration, user calibration, gaze direction estimation, etal. He will give a brief introduction of his recent study on 3D gaze estamition based on minmum system configuration.

Chi jiannan was born in Liaoning Shenyang, China, in 1967. He received bachlar of engineering in Tianjin university in 1990, and received master of science and Ph.D. in Northerneast university in 2002,2005, respectively. In 2005-2007, he did postdoctoral research work in USTB. He is currently an associate professor in school   of automation and electrical engineering, USTB. His research work focus on HCI, Vision measurement, optical de tection