Challenges in UX field: observations and explorations

  • Posted on: 22 December 2016
  • By: Lan Chunyuan
Tuesday, December 20, 2016
Professor Zhengjie Liu, Sino-European Usability Center, Dalian Maritime University, China
ervasive penetration of ICT applications has been profoundly changing the forms of people's life. This is at the same time continuously presenting new challenges to the UX field. Where are these challenges coming from? How should we respond? The speaker will talk about some personal observations, as well as some initial thoughts and explorations on the future UX practice

Zhengjie Liu, Founding Director of Sino European Usability Center (SEUC), Professor at Dalian Maritime University. He has been involved in HCI since 1989 as a pioneer in China and especially has helped the germination and growth of user experience (UX) practice in industry in this country. He has over 17 years’ experience in providing consultancy and training to industry including many multinational Fortune 500 companies. His areas focus on human-computer interaction design especially issues related to UX, user-centered design and innovation methodologies and future UX practice. He has served on roles at ACM SIGCHI executive committee supporting HCI growth in the developing world and at IFIP TC.13 Committee on HCI. He is on the editorial board of several journals in HCI and a member of several ISO working groups on usability and human-centered design. He is awardee of IFIP TC13 Pioneers Award (2013).