Understand the mobile phone in situ

  • Posted on: 14 March 2017
  • By: Lan Chunyuan
Monday, March 13, 2017
Dr. Moira McGregor,Stockholm University, Sweden
Moria PhD involves studying how mobile phones are used in everyday interaction - such as when we talk around our mobile phones, or use apps together. Making use of new data collection techniques such as wearable cameras and audio and screen recording she examines not only interactions with devices themselves, and also the conversations in which use is embedded. The analysis spans activities such as collaborative mobile information search, way finding with mobile map apps in the company of others and lastly co-present interaction involving messaging apps. The observations made in this thesis advance our understanding of how mobile devices are recurrently and collaboratively used, and the social interactional practices that enable them to fit into everyday life. Moira will also discuss her recent 2017 ACM CSCW paper on using speech agents to help support work meetings.

 Currently half way through her PhD studies, with supervisor Barry Brown, Moira's research looks at technology use in everyday life - from mobile phones in co-present interaction, to how an app like Uber impacts the work practices of its users. Having previously worked extensively in the delivery of digital UX strategies and applications in UK design agencies, she is expanding her professional experience with doctoral studies. Her thesis focuses upon everyday interaction with mobile devices, based upon several innovative and naturalistic studies conducted using combined methods of video analysis and interviews. Moira has worked as research assistant on a range of projects relating to the diverse research interests of Mobile Life, expanding her skills in field research, video ethnography, interactional analysis and design. In addition, she has worked on Sharing Economy studies led by Airi Lampinen, and has collaborated and published with others. She has recently interned with the Microsoft Research speech recognition team, resulting in a publication in forthcoming CSCW2017 conference.