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  • By: jeme



Name Position Research Topics Current Affiliation
Handityo Aulia Putra Ph.D. Student Human Computer Interaction / Haptic Interaction / Air-Based Interaction Kochi University of Technology
YANG Zijing Master Oct 2015 - Oct 2016 Modeling for Virtual Reality University of Science and Technology Beijing
FAN Jing Master Mar. 1 - Aug. 31 2016 Human-Engagement Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT)
WANG Xue Master Mar. 1 - Aug. 31 2016 Human-Engagement Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT)
WEN Dongcai Master Nov 2015 - May 2016 JST Keyboard  
CHEN Guanghui Master Nov 2015 - May 2016 Game Research  
NEM Khan Dim Ph.D. Student Assistif interface, Human Factor The Tokyo University
JINJO Naoteru Master Student Game Design, Human Factor  
KUME Kousuke Master Student Table Top Dispaly,Collaborative Display  
INOUE Ai Bachelor Human computer interaction  
MANABE Toshiki Bachelor Human computer interaction  
MUYA Takumi Bachelor Human computer interaction  
SAKAUE Takuma Bachelor Human computer interaction  
YAMAGUCHI Yuuji Bachelor Human computer interaction  
YOSHIMOTO Keita Bachelor Human computer interaction  




Name Postion Research Topic Current Affiliation
WANG Jiabin Ph.D. Apr. - Oct. 2015 Electrovibration Haptic Feedback Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT)
MIZOBATA Ryo Masters, Mar 2015 Gender Differences in Game Engagement  
MACHIDA Taiga Master, Mar 2015 Designing Wearable Haptic System for Walking Navigation Systems  
OKAMOTO Masashi Master, Mar 2015 Memorability of Gestures  
Kuo PANG Master Exchange: April 2014 - Feb 2015    
HAYASHI Yusuke Bachelor, Mar 2015 Assisting Blind People for Target Acquisition on Large Vertical Displays  
MATSUOKA Kotaro Bachelor, Mar 2015 Motion-based Marking Menus on Mobile Devices for Blind People  
INOUE Shugo Bachelor, Mar 2015 Concurrent motion gestures  
YAMAUCHI Hitochi Bachelor, Mar 2015 Concurrent Motion Gestures for TV Control  
Ping Ju Master Exchange: Feb-May 2015    
LU Yingda  Bachelor, Mar 2015    



Name Position Research Topic
Ohara Yoshitaka Master, Mar 2014 Pen-based Interaction
MORI Hanae  Bachelor, Mar 2014  
OOTA Yuki Bachelor, Mar 2014  
HAMADA Mitsuhiro Bachelor, Mar 2014  
DOI Humiya Bachelor, Mar 2014  




Name Position Research Topic
Yingda Lu 2013  
HAYASHI Yuusuki Master, Mar 2013 Pen, Finger and Body-based Gesture Input 
KUSUBA Masatoshi Master, Mar 2013 User-defined Gestures in Pen, Finger and Eye-gaze Interfaces
HAMA Yuto Bachelor, Mar 2013 Designing Gestures for TV games
SAKAI Mizuki Bachelor, Mar 2013 Designing mobile gestures
WATANABE Yuki Bachelor, Mar 2013 Comparison between Ring and Flicking Scrolling Techniques for Document Navigation in Touch-based Mobile Devices



Name Position Research Topic Current Affiliation
Shiming Ren July 2012    
 Tu Huawei PhD, Sept 2012 Designing Touch-based Gesture Interactions Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Yang Gao Master Exchange, Oct 2011 - Sept 2012 Designing Interactions on Large Display  




Name Position Research Topic Current Affiliation
Sun Minghui PhD, March 2011 A Study of Input and Output Modalities in Pen-based Usr Interfaces: Vibration, Texture and Human Posture Jilin University, China
Wang Feng PhD, March 2011  Leveraging Finger Properties for Natural Interaction with Direct-Touch Surfaces Kunming University of Science and Technology, China
Yuan Fu 2011    




Name Position Research Topic Current Affiliation
Xin Yizhong PhD, March 2010 Pen pressure, tilt, and azimuth in pen-based interfaces: Human capability and utilization Current Workplace: Shenyang University of Technology, China
Liu Chuanyi PhD, March 2010 Natural and Smooth Pen-based Interaction Utilizing Multiple Pen Input Channels Lanzhou University, China
Alejandro Tatay Oct 2009 - May 2010    
Xin Li 2010    



Name Position Research Topic Current Affiliation
Dongxing Bao 2009    
Dr. Zhou Xiaolei PhD, September 2009  Modeling Speed-Accuracy Tradeoff in Trajectory-based Tasks with Subjective Bias and Temporal Constraint for User Interface Design Capital University of Economics and Business, China





Name Position Research Topic Current Affiliation
Zhang Xinyong PhD, March 2008 Improving Usability of Eye-based Interaction Renmin University of China, China




Name Position Research Topic Current Affiliation
Yin Jibin PhD, August 2007 Interaction Techniques Utilizing Pen Device Characteristics & Various Input Modalities for Pen Computing Kunming University of Sci. and Tech., China




Name Position Research Topic Current Affiliation
Kong Jing PhD, March 2006 Considering Subjective Factors in Performance Models for Human-Computer Interface Design and Evaluation

Nagoya University, Japan