Tuesday, April 11, 2017

After several continuous raining day, finally, we met a sunny day. And most members of CHEC went for 2017 long-distance walking journey on this day.

Gathered at 8:20 with all gears up, we started our trip from KUT international house. Went through the busy city, came to a open country: quite river, mountains with water smoke, most of us never saw such a peaceful scene like this. So we walking, talking, fully enjoy the brace of this beautiful nature. Each people was asked about his best character –working hard (Kavous), independ (Han Zengyi, Qi fang), critical thinking (Zhang Chi), adaptive (Song Donglei), accept change (XU Qihong),active(Yu Tao), patient(Lancy), enthusiasm(Liu Jingxin), choosing what I believe(Wang Zhenxin), careful(Wang Xueying), honest(Sun Chongliang)….

Till we climb over the bridge, came to an area near Kochi Ryoma airport, its already took us about 3 hours, everybody got pretty hungry. And thanks to Prof Ren, we got reservation for Japanese traditional dish: Eel with rice. As the mean time as we eating this fantastic food, we talked about our life and the valuable things for ourselves.

Figure About 1 hour’s walk After lunch, we came to the seafront of the pacific (most of us just realize that is pacific!), what the astonishing view…

Figure The back routine took about 4 hours’ walk. So when we got back to international house of KUT, people all already exhausted (several of us directly sat on the bare ground). Even though we are too tired to talk each other, I believe everyone had their fun , also good memory of the view and members.