Friday, December 22, 2017

21th CHEC / 69th Ren Lab Workshop

The Center for Human-Engaged Computing organized 69th Renlab Workshop at December 16,2017. The topics include but not limited:

  • Ability-Based Optimization: Designing Smartphone Text Entry Interface for Aging Users
  • Interacting with Distant Augmented Physical Objects: An Overview
  • Outline Objects using Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • Talk to Me: Speech Recognition for Learning
  • Is Flow Proneness in Everyday Life Associated with Brain Structure?
  • Smartphone Interaction Techniques with Natural Properties
  • Understanding user behavior of eye-hand coordination during smartphone usage for older adults
  • Interface Aesthetic Computing with Entropy Approach
  • Thoughts and Ideas about Text Entry
  • Modeling Relationship between Brain MRI Images and Personality Traits using 3D Convolutional Neural Network

Committee Steering Chairs: Xiangshi Ren

General Chairs: William Delamare, Zhenxin Wang

Program Chairs: Xinhui Jiang, Chen Wang

Publicity Chairs: Yilin Zheng, Ayumu

Local Chairs: Akihiro, Haruna

Publication Chairs: Yang Li

Keynote: Paul Daniels