The Center for Human-Engaged Computing (CHEC) has organized an international workshop on Human-Engaged Computing (IWHEC 2019). The workshop was held at Kochi University of Technology in Japan on January 12th, 2019.

The aim of this workshop is to rethink the relationship between humans and computers under consideration of human future. The workshop strives to achieve a common platform to increase various idea exchanges around the world, resulting evolvement of stronger workforce in order to create a better world to live in. In this workshop, we invited four experts to give their points of view of HEC practice on different Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) directions.


Keynote Speech:

1) Prof. Inoue Tomoo, University of Tsukuba, Japan Title: Sharing roles between human and computer: collaborative work in the physical world

2) Prof. Kibum Kim, Hanyang University, South Korea Title: Game and HCI

3) Dr. Sayan Sarcar, University of Tsukuba, Japan Title: Designing Interfaces for the Aging Populations: Experience and Lessons Learned

4) Dr. Aliaksei Miniukovich, University of Trento, Italy Title: Visual Determinant of Information System Success on the Web

Research Topic Speech:

  • William Delamare (PostDoc): Interaction & VR Research Group: Overview
  • Kavous Salehzadeh Niksirat (Visiting Researcher): Intergenerational Fitness Tracking Practices between Family Members
  • Yang Li (Ph.D. Student): Revision Process Design for Typing on Mobile Device
  • Xinhui Jiang (Ph.D. Studnet): Eye-hand Coordination on Mobile Devices
  • Chen Wang (Ph.D. Student): An Entropy-based Approach for Computing the Aesthetics of Interface
  • Fitra Rahmamuliani (Master Student): Designing an Activity Reporting and Plan Sharing System

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