Long Distance Walking

We held a long distance walking to the Konan seaside on April 23rd. We gathered at 8:20 at iHouse and started our trip from KUT International House. The whole trip was over 23 kilometers and took around 8 hours. 10 members joined in this activity.​
Fortunately, it was a sunny day for a whole day long. While walking and enjoying the beautiful nature, we talked about a lot of things and need to be careful because of the car coming when we walk on the narrow road. When we arrive at Konan, we stopped by Mos Burger and McDonalds to buy some lunch for some of us. After that, we enjoyed the Unagi Don, the Japanese traditional dish.

Before coming back to KUT, we went to the beach, having fun, take a lot of photo, and go to the nearest park. In the park, we are doing meditation together and it feels so nice with the smell and sound of ocean, but calm because under the tree. Some of us also try monkey bar sport and it’s so fun!

The back way is tiring than coming because we have lost a lot of our energy. In our way back, some of us buy ice creams to refresh our body. When we got back to international house, people already exhausted and go back to their own room quickly. It’s a good memory of the view and activity with our members.